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As a higher education lecturer, I am employed by universities and higher education establishments to undertake Teaching in both Study Period One and Study Period Two, ResearchAcademic/Community Servicesand Administrative/Professional duties within a specialist subject area of Information Technology.


Lectures or delivers some related academic background subjects are a vital part of the university experience. From preparing and delivering engaging lectures in my specialty subjects, to answering questions and spending countless hours putting together assignments; the job of a university lecturer offers variety, social interaction, scholarly inquiry and most importantly – the opportunity to positively shape the future of my lovely students. An added benefit of a university lecturer is the ability to combine my regular teaching responsibilities with further research in my particular field of interest, adding directly to the body of academic knowledge my institution holds. For these reasons, being a university lecturer comes with a degree of esteem, considerable opportunities to move up career-wise, and in many cases, great leave benefits.

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