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About Me

I am a professor of Information Technology (cyber security). I am currently working as a full-time lecturer for the Department of Electronics and Information Technology and is the director of Advanced Computing and Information Systems Research Centre (AC&ISRC). I have also been working as a professional trainer/consultant for many Australian, Germany, and leading Indonesian institutions, including cybersecurity, ERP, smart city initiatives, corporate data quality, and telecommunication since 2009. I hold a Master's and Ph.D. in IT from the University of South Australia. My research interests focus on cyber security capacity building, the use of Mobile technologies and leveraging data and information to generate quality of healthcare, engineering assets as well as teaching and learning domains. I have published in many academic journals, book chapters, and conferences proceedings on various topics cover mobile collaboration technologies and IT healthcare. 


Research Interest

2011 - 2015

University of South Australia

PhD of Information technology

Computer Forensic

Retrieving data from mobile phones; Bluetooth vulnerability assessment; Application analysis; Malware analysis.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Implementation of ERP; Optimisation of ERP; Management through ERP; the ERP software; ERP for supply chain management; Case studies.

Internet of Things

The confidence to go beyond an understanding of technical elements as envision and lead IoT-based transformations, as well as implement relevant strategies for organization-wide coordination and increased productivity. Empowering Organizations to use IoT as a leadership opportunity and a mechanism to transform businesses.


University of Canberra

IT and Telecommunication

1985 - 1990

State University of Makassar

Bachelor of Electronics

2007 - 2009 | 2011 - 2015

University of South Australia

Master and PhD in Information  and Communication Technology

Data and Information Quality

Data quality impact; Database related technical solutions for data quality; Data quality in the context of computer science and IT; Security.

1990 - 1991

University of California, Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Electronics, Sandwich

1993 - 1995

Gadjah Mada University

Master of GIS & Remote Sensing


Tokyo Institute of Technology

Multimedia Telecommunication

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