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Data and Information Quality Development Framework for Indonesia Higher Education


This study focuses on finding solutions to the data and information quality problems in higher education in Indonesia. The main objective is to make available a structured and comprehensive framework and strategy, which is expected to obtain good quality data and information. Good data and information quality will support better decision making and good governance of higher education management at dispersing levels (schools/faculties, departments, and study programs) to improve the national education system in Indonesia. This study employs three research methods. An international Delphi study was used in the first year of the study. A national survey and a deep case study will be conducted in the second and third years, respectively. The integrated framework and strategy to form a better higher education (HE) development will be the triangulation of the findings of these three methods. The international Delphi study was conducted over three rounds involving 20 experts in data and information quality (DIQ) of HE from 10 countries. The most significant findings of the Delphi panel members reported in this paper are the key DIQ dimensions related to HE; the DIQ together with the factors impacting the problems in HE from technological, organizational, and personal perspectives; and the strategic way to identify and correct DIQ problems to develop a better HE institution.

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